Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Events and Entities Display and Im Still Alive!

Finally after three days I got the EventLog and the EntityList to work.  There is always room for improvements.

So far The EventLog supports:
  1. Messages Like the first line.
  2. Multiple Entity lines.
  3. Actions
  4. Scrolls from the bottom up
  5. Certain words will be different colors
  6. Entity names will be their colors
Things I still wish to work on:
  1. Make the EventLog scrollable atm it erases anything after the twelfth line
  2. Word wrap atm if a event is more than 80 characters longer it will give an out of bounds error
  3. More Dynamic messages.
The EntityList supports:
  1. The Entity's name
  2. The Entity's Symbol
  3. The Entity's Color
  4. Stacks with like Entities
  5. Supports up to 12 different Entities
Things I wish to work on:
  1. Make it Scrollable also, atm if all 12 lines have entities it just does nothing for its addEntity method
  2. ATM I dont have any methods that will delete an Entity from the list.  I really should add that.
All the Events, Entities and Player Stats are Dummy test data to see if things work.

Here is a screen shot so far:

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