Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Plans for Eracia

These are some of my many ideas I wish to add to Eracia.  Some have already been added into a rogue-like before:

  1. The tools to create all the content files will be made in Java.  Mainly because creating these tools will be quicker than using C++.
  2. The game will be written in Java also.  This is so it can be supported in Windows, Unix and Macs.  I will also be porting it as an applet for internet browsers.  Lastly I do plan in writing the game in C# and the XNA framework to port it to the XBOX360.
  3. The Java versions of Eracia will be purely text-based graphics.  The 360 version will be displayed in tiles.
  4. I will be adding most if not all of everything written in http://www.roguetemple.com/roguelike-definition/.
  5. Many different classes and races
  6. Skills and talents
  7. Light sources
  8. Special floor tiles such as on fire, ice, pit.
  9. Rivers, and lakes
  10. Monsters who will pick-up items and use them against the player.
  11. Tamable animals that you may use to fight with you.
  12. Many different types of items.  Items when created will then have a chance of having a prefix and a suffix.
   These ideas are just a small brainstorm, there will be many more ideas I will add to the list.  I also want to say that some of these ideas could be out of my programming experience where I may not be able to accomplish some of them.  I will try to add as much content as I can.

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